Extermination #5

The conclusion to the Extermination event has finally arrived!  Ed Brisson, Pepe Larraz, and Marte Gracia have delivered a satisfying ending to a really good series.

Screenshot 2018-12-19 23.08.18The Cover

The cover by Mark Brooks features the original team less Cyclops walking into a white light.  Cyclop’s visor lies on the ground, with a hand reaching towards it.  Only Jean Grey is turning back to look.  In light of how the last issue ended, this doesn’t look to bode well for Scott in this issue.  The team does look great however, even if we can’t see most of them and Beast is a little hazy(being furthest away).  The cover of every Marvel book this week also features a banner across the top honouring the late Stan Lee, with a picture of Stan inside the book.  It’s quiet, its dignified, and it honours the man credited with creating so many of the characters we all love today.

The Art

Larraz’s art continues to impress in this issue, especially when paired with the colour work of Gracia.  Every scene is well detailed and vividly coloured.  There is a two page spread that is one single scene of the X-Men engaging Ahab’s hounds that is just beautiful.  The fact that no details are lost in all the action makes it a standout piece in this book.  The art has been a high point of this whole series and takes it from being just a good book to being a great book.

The Story

This issue picks up right where issue #4 left off.  We quickly discover that it wasn’t Scott killed by Ahab, but Mimic who had taken his place.  At this point the battle really picks up as the X-Men are literally fighting for survival.  Cable soon convinces the team that their only hope is to have the original X-Men return to the past.  When they do it’s not to where they expect, and Ahab follows hot on their heels.  Their quick journey leads them to discover how to undo the transformation effect Ahab’s twin mutants have placed on a large number of X-Men, and save the X-Men of the present.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t losses, and we see a short funeral scene in the aftermath.  I won’t spoil who lives and dies at this point, other than to say there is quite the reveal in Cable’s bunker at the very end.  This book sets the stage for some upcoming X-Events, and does so in a masterful way.  I haven’t enjoyed an X-book like this in a long, long time.

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