The Hobbit Presented by Globe Theatre

Today we went to our first stage production as a full family.  Both my wife and I have taken the kids to youth oriented stage performances in the past, but this year decided on checking out the Globe Theatre’s adaptation of Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit.’  The kids were excited, as I’m currently reading the novel to them at bedtime.

The Globe even had a neat little set up in the lobby.  It was an image of the poster with a few toy weapons that you could arm yourself with to take a picture.  My wife chose a bow.  Then shot me the second the picture was taken.  Needless to say it was a fun extra touch that helped set the mood before the show even started!

We arrived at the theatre early, and were a little concerned about our youngest.  He hadn’t slept well the night before, so his behaviour could have been suspect.  We needn’t have worried.  Other than a bathroom break prior to the intermission he was great.  Both kids were really into it, and as it is ‘theatre in the round’, they were excited to see were the characters would emerge from.

img_20181226_1340301576396540863230436.jpgThe cast did a remarkable job.  All but Joshua Beaudry(Thorin) and Colin A. Doyle(Bilbo), had multiple roles, and the way they moved between persona’s was excellent.  Given the costuming you could often not tell which actor had switched from playing a dwarf to a goblin or troll.  Our kids were entranced and though a little scared at times, loved the performance.

The stage was well set as well.  One central set that moved from hobbit-hole to road, to forest, to cave was very well conceived, and while minimal, looked great.  The stage enhanced the play, but without overtaking the actors, who just did an awesome job breathing life into their characters and taking us on a wonderful tour of Middle-Earth.

img_20181226_1617485323852916196193437.jpgThe cast also spent some time in the lobby after the show, helping the theatre raise some money for charity as is their Christmas tradition.  This was another nice touch, and even though my kids couldn’t be convinced, my wife and I jumped at the opportunity to get a picture taken with Gandalf(James Fagan Tait).  The picture is a little off, but my daughter isn’t an expert yet.

There isn’t much time left in this run, so if you are going to be in Regina, Saskatchewan in the next few days, order your tickets now!

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