My Favourite Comics of 2018!

This will be my first attempt at a ‘Best of Year’ blog.  It may be a little haphazard, and I’m going to name both series and individual books, because some are just better read as the series and some stand alone really well.  I’ll also give a little rationale, and a link to where I reviewed the book earlier in the year if you want more details or a look at some of the art from the books.  Anyway, here we go!

Port of Earth(Image/Top Cow)

This was the second book from Image that I’d bought in a long, long time.  The cover caught my eye first, and the story was top-notch.  Zack Kaplan and Andrea Mutti are killing it in this series.  It’s about aliens coming not to conquer, but to trade.  We provide them with space for a port, and they solve the world’s energy problems.  Sound simple?  It’s not.  Excellent historical parallels are drawn throughout the series as well.

Ghost Rider #1(Marvel)

From the Damnation mini-crossover.  Johnny Blaze is dead, and now him and the Spirit of Vengeance make their way to the center of hell.  The goal?  Steal Mephisto’s throne.  Probably the single best cover I saw all year.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  The story was really good as well, and I was disappointed this was only a one-shot.

Multiple Man(Marvel)

This limited series by Matthew Rosenberg was absolutely brilliant.  It was a hot mess of time travel and confusion.  But it was also a hell of a lot of fun.  The covers were brilliant, with the first two issues looking like old-time propaganda posters.  It had a wild ending, and is worth every second you spend reading it!

Batman: White Knight(DC)

Sean Gordon Murphy tells an Elseworlds tale in which the Joker becomes sane – and Batman becomes the villain.  Beautiful art and colour work throughout the eight issue series, and a fantastic ending that is leading into a sequel series.  I picked this one up a few weeks after it hit because I thought the premise was neat and it delivered in a big way.

Transformers: Unicron(IDW)

This mini-series ended the current Transformers continuity.  It was a great read from start to finish, and the art was brilliant.  The ‘bots all looked amazing, and the reveal of Unicron’s origin and ultimate defeat felt fitting.

Klaus and the Crying Snowman(Boom)

I know this was a recent one, but any book that can get me to feel a full range of emotions has to make the list.  I actually shed legit tears at the end of this one.  Essentially Santa is teaming up with a snowman to stop aliens from destroying the Earth and preventing Christmas.  But it gets deeper, and the feels at the end completely caught me off guard. My hat is off to you Grant Morrison.  Well done.

Honourable Mentions:

Not everyone can make the main list, but here are some other books I really enjoyed and think you should also look into:

Thrawn(Marvel) – Everyone’s favourite Grand Admiral!

Guncats(Action Lab/Danger Zone) – It was just good clean, fun!

Eclipse(Image/Top Cow) – Another from Zack Kaplan.

Doom Patrol #12(DC) – Old school D&D module themed cover.

Extermination(Marvel) – Beautiful colour work and a great story!

Justice League Dark #5 & #6(DC) – Detective Chimp has ruined a fantasy world and the team has to figure out how to keep him alive and save the day.

What are some of your favourites?  Do you agree with my choices?  Is there something really cool that I missed?  Let me know and have a Happy New Year!


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