Eclipse #7

First comic blog of the new year and I’m going to start with the next issue of Eclipse!  Issue #7 picks up in the immediate aftermath of Issue #6.  Solarity’s forces have stormed the raiders compound, and Bax is left with the task of trying to save the albino they had imprisoned.

The Covereclipse-7_1ecdb40309

The cover features Bax fleeing from the raiders, but stopped dead in his tracks on the edge of the shade.  Just beyond him, in the sun, is this new albino beckoning toward him.  He appears to be stuck literally between a rock and hard place.  Does he face imprisonment or death at the hands of the raiders?  Or does he plunge into the sun and die pursuing the albino?  The cover again does a great job showcasing the fear that everyone has of the sun’s light.  Great example of the world within the book!

The Art

Giovanni Timpano continues with stellar artwork, and Flavio Dispenza’s colouring is fantastic.  The two of them work well together and breathe life into the story, as well as show the bleak danger of the sunlit world, and the intrigue in the darkness humanity now lives in.  This series continues to be well realized artistically, and everything that is done in the art supports the story and gives Kaplan the ability to focus on bringing the characters to life as fully realized and developed beings.

The Story

This issue again focuses on two plot lines: the first is Rose’s search for the truth of what her father is involved in, and the second being Bax’s attempt to flee the raiders with the albino during the attack by Solarity’s soldiers.

When we last saw Rose she was about to be swept into the sun out of a sewer drain, she is quickly saved by a mysterious man promising answers, but it seems that he needs her help to provide them.  We learn that the albino’s were manufactured in a lab, and that Solarity was involved.

Bax is left to either throw in with the raiders, or turn the albino over to Solarity.  He chooses neither and takes the albino and attempts to flee.  He almost makes it, but needs to call for help as the albino is injured and they are both pinned down by gunfire.

This is a really complete issue.  The Rose storyline deepens the mystery surrounding the albino’s while providing one or two small answers.  Bax’s story provides the action.  It is very well paced, and a fun read.  Issue #8 is the final issue in the second arc, so I’m quite looking forward to reading it!

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