Book Review: Death Troopers(2009) by Joe Schreiber

I took the kids to the library today to pick out a few books, and decided to pick out something for myself.  I’ve always been interested in this book but for some reason have never picked it up.  Today I figured why not?  Zombies in Star Wars?  Let’s do it!

I was not disappointed.  Not only did it feel like a good zombie story, it felt like a good Star Wars story.  The old Expanded Universe books(now Legends) could be really hit and miss, and in my eyes, this one is a hit!  I moved through it at a pretty good clip, finishing it in one night.

The book takes place on the Imperial prison barge Purge, and follows the ship’s doctor and a few prisoners.  When the ships engines go down, they come upon a derelict Star Destroyer and board to scavenge for parts.  Soon, the virus that led to the end of the Star Destroyer makes its way to the Purge, and fear, death, and chaos ensue.  Like most Legends books, two known characters make an appearance, as the duo locked in solitary are none other than Han and Chewie.  They are actually well used as supporting characters, and Schreiber uses them well.  Some purists may not like their use, but they are characterized well, and act like I think they would if this showed up in a movie.

The ship’s doctor and the teenage prisoner were also well characterized, and the teenager actually was used well to show Han’s caring side.  As gruff as he can be, Han always seems to care for those that are hurt.  The doctor was also a great character, being able to drive the plot and explain how things moved along with the virus, as well as being a genuinely likable heroine.  She’s actually the best part of the first half of the book, though she disappears a bit once the action moves to the Star Destroyer.

If you’re a fan of Star Wars and horror books, this one could be a good fit for you.  I certainly enjoyed it, as I thought it was a lot of fun and was able to just shut down my brain and let it take me on a journey.  Have fun with it, because this is a fun book!

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