Eclipse #8

This issue marks the end of the second arc of Eclipse, and does so in an action packed issue!  With Rose going undercover for the Underground, and Bax facing off against Solarity and the Raiders, this issue had a lot to resolve, and it does in a fast-moving and fun book.  It picks up shortly after issue #7 and just runs for the finish line!

eclipse-8_225db6d062The Cover

The cover features Rose standing on a narrow plank between buildings.  Her father is on one building, reaching out towards her, with narrow beams of sunlight on either side of her, shade only being provided by the shadow of one ruined building.  Rose looks scared, appearing very much the damsel in distress, even though she hasn’t been portrayed as such in this arc.

The Art

Giovanni Timpano and Flavio Dispenza continue to do a great job fleshing out the story and making this a visually dynamic book.  The characters are really well rendered, and Timpano does a great job capturing the characters emotions in their facial expressions.  This issue doesn’t have as much disparity between light and dark, as most of the issue takes place indoors or at night.  Still, this allows the colours to really emphasize the artifical light that humanity lives in.

The Story

The issue begins with Rose accessing Solarity computers, trying to verify the information provided to her by the Underground.  Her father and some guards soon come in, alerted by her access to the system.  Though she doesn’t discover exactly how Solarity is involved in the creation of the albino’s, she does confirm they are.

eclipse 8-3Bax meanwhile, is trying to escape with the now wounded albino.  Val arrives in a vehicle, and takes him to a meet up with Solarity agents.  Unfortunately, the raiders have followed them, and a standoff ensues.  This is the point where this issue picks up speed, and races to the finish.  Bax’s showdown with Solarity agents and the Raiders goes quick and violent, and Rose’s confrontation with her father is full of emotion and tension.

The issue ends with an interesting lead-in to the next arc, and ends the first half of the Eclipse story very strongly.  If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi comics this and any other book by Zack Kaplan are must reads.  He’s probably the best writer of Sci-Fi in the medium today.  Also, the first three arcs of the Eclipse story are available in trades right now(as of the writing of this review)!

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