The Batman Who Laughs #1 & #2

The latest series I’ve been reviewing over at Impulse Gamer.  The series focuses on the return of The Batman Who Laughs, one of the Dark Multiverse Batmen that showed up in last year’s Metal event.

The first issue begins with the Batman chasing down a van, only to discover that it is carrying the body of Bruce Wayne.  We soon discover that The Batman Who Laughs is targeting Bruce Wayne’s from across the Multi-Verse.  We also discover he has a partner: The Grim Knight.  This is a Batman that kills first and asks questions later and is as ruthless as The Batman Who Laughs is insane.  The issue ends with the Joker sneaking into the Batcave and enacting his own plan to stop The Batman Who Laughs.

Issue 2 begins in the aftermath of the first issue.  Alfred is operating on the Joker to try and keep him from dying and to see if there is an accident for the Joker toxin that is released when he dies, as Batman has now been infected.  As such, time is of the essence to stop Batman from turning into another version of his Dark Multiverse counterpart.  As of this issue the insane villain’s plan is not yet revealed, but it is clear that time is not on the side of the good guys.

These books look good too, and the variant covers, which both feature close ups of The Batman Who Laughs face, are especially creepy.  Jock’s interior work is great, especially the close ups on our villain.  This mini-series has started strong, and is totally worth checking out!


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