Free Digital Download: Iron Fist #1

I received this issue as a free digital copy with the purchase of another issue from Marvel a couple of years back.  It was right when I got back into comics and gave me a reason to get the App.  It also gave me a few more books that I normally wouldn’t have purchased.  In this case, it’s a good thing!  Part 1 of Trial of the Seven Masters begins here.

screenshot 2019-01-19 22.56.57The Cover

The cover of this issue features Iron Fist in his traditional costume.  The yellow bandana and the green and yellow spandex.  Danny Rand’s hands are glowing as he activates his power, and unseen swordsmen are approaching him, only the blades being visible.  It’s a simple cover, but it looks good.  Jeff Dekal did a good job on this one.

The Art

Drawn by Mike Perkins and coloured by Andy Troy, this issue is a really good-looking book, and not at all what I expected.  I’ve always pictured Iron Fist as a more cartoony looking book, and these guys completely subverted my expectations.  It’s a darker, grittier book, and given that Danny is lost and looking for meaning, the darker tone in the colouring is a great fit.  The fight scenes look great, and the way the impacts of various blows are drawn is fantastic.  The art alone makes me wish I’d been collecting back when it came out!

screenshot 2019-01-19 23.01.33The Story

Ed Brisson writes a really good issue starting this new series of Iron Fist.  Danny Rand has lost his connection to K’un-Lun.  As a result he’s been travelling the world, looking for a challenge, but only finding disappointment.  There’s a lot of action in this issue, but rather than amp up tension, it’s written in a manner that just reinforces how lost Danny is.  Finally he meets someone who manages to actually hurt him, and after a quick battle, discovers his name is Choshin, and he is there to invite Danny to a tournament where he may find meaning again.


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