Regression #15

regression-15_bba145b028I reviewed this book in detail last week over at Impulse GamerRegression #15 is the final book in the series, and it’s a really good read.

The series focuses on Adrian, a man who was plagued by terrifying nightmares who sought out past life regression therapy to deal with them.  Unfortunately, this brings the demons that truly were haunting him to the fore.  This final issue brings everything together in an explosive confrontation that seals the fate of Adrian, the demons, and the whole world.

The book is a great read, and even as a new reader to the series I was drawn in immediately.  The issue built steadily and had the kind of conclusion you don’t see coming.  It was well drawn and coloured, with the red of bleeding characters standing out above all else on certain pages.

While it may be a bit much to hunt this series down issue by issue, the first two trades are available now, with the third to follow shortly.

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