Action Comics #1007

Leviathan Rises Part 1

This issue is the first issue in a new story arc, one that looks to change Superman going forward(though by how much remains to be seen).  It has one major reference that anyone that grew up in the 80’s should get.  It’s also a lot of fun.

img_20190131_2217545803177385141524106.jpgThe Cover

Steve Epting handled the cover and the interior art for this issue.  The cover features Clark and Lois drawn in the style of an old time movie poster.  Lois is crouching and holding a recording device, and Clark is standing tall, opening his shirt to expose his Superman suit.  In the background a building is exploding.  The cover immediately caught my eye on the shelf at my LCS, and honestly is the reason I bought the issue.  Congratulations in a job well done Mr. Epting.

img_20190131_2218052966786286649955577.jpgThe Art

Brad Anderson handles the colouring duties that support Steve Epting’s art.  The book is well done, and the art team does a great job capturing various characters moods and emotions.  From Jimmy Olsen’s eye roll to Lois’s tough meeting with her father.  The expressions of the characters are relateable and add a great element of humanity.  Even the action is well drawn, and certain panels almost feel as though they’re moving.  This is a well drawn book.

The Story

img_20190131_2218294525270903213320403.jpgWritten by Brian Michael Bendis, this issue begins with Jimmy Olsen out on a date.  Of course, being Jimmy Olsen, this can’t be a nice or simple date.  No, she takes him to a cult meeting.  The cult’s name is Kobra!  Needless to say, Jimmy barely escapes with his life, and decides to keep the story under wraps until he can learn more.

Next is Lois’s meeting with her father.  The meeting is tense and grey, and is well structured to show the fractured relationship between the two.  In it, Lois also reveals that her husband is in fact, Superman.  How this will play out in the future will be interesting.

I enjoyed this book.  With the hooks laid out in this issue, this could be a very interesting arc.  With the connection between the cult and the event that occurs downtown to close the issue, there promises to be lots of action.  As well, the character development fallout from Lois sharing her husband’s identity with her father could have major ramifications as well.

This was a solid issue, with a fantastic cover.  Totally worth my re-visiting Action Comics for the first time in a long time.

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