The Amazing Spider-Man #14

Family Matters Part 1

This issue came as recommended by two staff at my Local Shop(thank you Ka-Pow).  As Marvel constantly restarts their numbering it is considered #14 for the current run, and #815 for the legacy numbering.  Confusing? At times.  Also a trivial complaint.  Anyway, I enjoyed the book, from the cover to cover.  I’m happy with my second issue of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Screenshot 2019-02-01 22.28.09The Cover

Ryan Ottley and Nathan Fairbairn have drawn an eye-catching and fun cover for this issue.  It features Rhino bursting through a wall while Spidey sits with his feet up on a table trying to drink a cup of coffee.  Rhino is large and dangerous looking.  Everything about him screams danger and violence.  Spider-Man on the other hand is completely unconcerned and comes across as a bit goofy and playful.  I think the cover captures both characters really well.

The Art

I’ve got to be honest.  A huge selling point on this issue was Chris Bachalo doing the art.  I’ve been a fan of his work since his original run on Generation X back in the 90’s.  I also dug his work on Doctor Strange.  Anyway, I like his work on the book.  In one panel you can have a childlike and creepy-innocent looking Arcade next to a burly and grizzled looking Kraven.  Spider-Man looks great as well.  He’s got a lithe and muscular build, and Bachalo captures his body language really well.

The Story

Nick Spencer has written a fun issue of Spider-Man.  This is the first issue of a new story arc, making it a great jumping on point.  It begins with Kraven commissioning Arcade to build him some kind of weapon or trap.  It was a neat segment to begin the book with.

Next Spencer moves into an expository section where Peter and MJ are having dinner with the lizard and his family.  He gives a quick rundown of the history of Spidey and the Lizard and does an excellent job compacting decades of history into a page and a half.  This makes me think that the Lizard and his family might be Kraven’s target.

Next we Spencer moves into Aunt May at dinner with her deceased husband’s lawyer.  The man is a creep, so May walks out and brings a homeless man back to eat with her on his dime.  I loved this section.  You can see where Peter gets his selflessness from.  Then, Rhino bursts in, being chased by Taskmaster and Black Ant.  Spidey soon arrives on the scene, and after a short confrontation with Rhino, a team up ensues.  It’s a great way to end the first part of the new arc.

This was a fun issue to read, and I’ll say it again:  I love Chris Bachalo’s art.  He draws a great Spider-Man.

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