Heroes in Crisis #5

Superheroes need help too.  The Superheroes of the DC Universe have to recover from injury, and face the same PTSD that anyone that deals with harrowing situations do.  To recover, they go to Sanctuary, a safe place to receive treatment and deal with trauma.  Until now.  Now heroes in Sanctuary are dying, and the two primary suspects are on the run.  Both Booster Gold and Harley Quinn are seeking different avenues to clear their names, and are trying to find the real killers before they are locked away for a long, long time.

img_20190202_2219087241960859424751397.jpgThe Cover

The cover features a stern and majestic Superman front and center.  He is floating in the air, cape floating behind him, pointing towards the reader.  His face is grim and his body language is tense.  Below him a large crowd are shaking their fists at him, angry to the point they may attack the Man of Steel.  It’s a great cover and looks good.  Trevor Hairsine has put together a solid first impression for this issue.

The Art

Clay Mann handles the interior work on this issue, and it looks great.  This book was obviously crafted with love and has some cool elements.  First and foremost is the title spread – a two page splash of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold sitting on the couch eating pizza and drinking beer, with the words ‘Heroes in Crisis’ spelt out with their bodies and items in the room.  It looks neat.  I also loved the scenes with Superman.  Between getting ready to make a statement to the public regarding Sanctuary, and his actual delivery, he’s drawn with the weight of the world on his shoulders.  Beautifully done.


The Story

img_20190202_2219298723940973907510589.jpgTom King has crafted a strong issue here.  If you’ve been following the series(I haven’t, and I can see I’ve been missing out), you know that the top-secret Superhero trauma center known as Sanctuary has had its peace shattered.  Superheroes have been killed inside its’ walls.  Booster Gold and Harley Quinn are the prime suspects and are separately on the run.  Essentially it follows three threads, two of which come together.

The first is Superman preparing to, and actually making a statement on the deaths.  King’s writing shows how heavily this is weighing on him, and his statement is simple and heartfelt.  This is tearing the Man of Steel apart inside.

Next we have Booster Gold and Blue Beetle trying to find a way to exonerate Booster.  Their plan isn’t great though, they need to get to the scene of the crime and get the Flash’s notes to try and piece things together.  Booster does however, discover a vital clue, and it’s a big one!

Finally we have Batgirl and Harley trying to track Booster down.  Harley wants to kill him, and Batgirl wants to interrogate him.  These two have an interesting relationship.  They’re friends, but it seems like Harley is an addict on the edge, and Batgirl is constantly talking her back from it.  It works, and the duo work well together.

The last thing this series includes is excerpts from the debriefing interviews that each hero gives.  Each is powerful and shows the stress these heroes undergo in saving the world on a regular basis.  The last page, the excerpt from Harley’s is especially powerful.  Just… wow.  My LCS(Ka-Pow) tweeted about it earlier this week, and after flipping straight to it I bought the book.

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