Skyward #10

skyward-10_267a12da3cMy latest review at Impulse Gamer is Skyward #10.  I picked this one based entirely on the title.  It sounded interesting.  Given that it is based in a world in which gravity suddenly became a fraction of what it is now, allowing people to float/fly/jump really high, I’d say I was right.

The book has some really neat visuals, and though this issue was more of a set up issue, it was well paced and a fun read.  It lays the groundwork for what could be a violent conclusion.

Honestly my favourite part of the book, is the art.  From the cover, which if it’s not a painting it looks damn close to being one, to the fun visuals inside.  The book opens with guards floating at their posts, and seeing human characters not standing throughout the book was really cool.

Check the link above for my full review and some preview images, and if you haven’t checked this series out and are looking for something different, go pick up a copy!


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