The Batman Who Laughs #3

This week I reviewed The Batman Who Laughs #3 over at Impulse Gamer.

This series has been really well done.  I’ve been fortunate enough to read the first two issues as well, and this one keep building on it.  Scott Snyder and Jock are putting together an eerie story with The Batman Who Laughs being the one villain that Batman can’t get ahead of.  As well, with the complication that Batman is working against the clock to stop his foe before the Joker toxin he was infected with in Issue #1 takes control and turns him into another Batman Who Laughs.


I’ve been enjoying the build of the story and the art thoroughly, and the covers – both standard and variant, have been perfect in showcasing the titular character.  In the aftermath of this issue I’m really wondering how they’re going to end this one.  My guess is that it’s going to be bloody…

If you enjoyed the Metal event, this series is worth your time and money!

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