Uncanny X-Men #12

The second issue in the Post-Disassembled Era.  In this issue we see Cyclops and Wolverine begin to assemble their new team of X-Men in earnest.  Written by Matthew Rosenberg, with art by Salvador Larroca and colours by Rachelle Rosenberg.

The Cover

The cover for this issue features Wolverine and Cyclops front and center.  Cyclops is firing off an optic blast, and Wolverine is advancing, claws drawn.  Great detail on both characters, and the determination is clearly etched on their faces.  The colouring is great, and Cyclop’s optic blast is illuminating both him and part of Wolverine.

The Art

I quite enjoyed the art in this book.  Wolverine and Cyclops look like the grizzled veterans they actually are.  While I’ve seen this kind of take on Wolverine before, I haven’t seen it on Cyclops.  He’s always been a bit of a baby soft pretty boy.  Here he looks like a guy that actually has been fighting his whole life.  I love it.

The colour work is also impressive.  It brings the whole world to life, and really emphasizes the hard lives that Scott and Logan have lived.  Strong Guy in particular looks amazing – between how he’s drawn and how he’s coloured.  I loved this take on Guido.

The Story

The issue begins with Logan stitching up Cyclops, having pulled a couple bullets out of him in the aftermath of the last issue.  Cyclops is bemoaning the fact that they are the only X-Men left when Wolverine stops him.  Cue the action!

Cyclops and Wolverine break into a secure compound and are soon confronted by sentinels.  But something isn’t quite right.  It’s only then we discover some former X-Men had been infected with the transmode virus and then used as weapons.  While they rescue most of the mutants captured, there are casualties, making this a somewhat darker book than in the disassembled arc.  For a repentant Cyclops and Wolverine, this is a great fit.  Also, given Cyclops’ recent history this could be a true test of his character.

This issue is very well paced, and the characterization of both Scott and Logan is bang on.  It’s going to be interesting to see where Rosenberg goes with this, but with several months of the Age of X-Man story-line left, he’s got some time to really develop this.

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