X-Tremists #1

The Age of X-Man begins!  This series focuses on the police force that keeps all of mutant-kind safe.  This team searches out and finds those guilty of any crimes, protecting mutants from threats big and small, including love.

The Cover

The cover features the team standing before their department logo: an eye with an X in the pupil.  The team looks cool and collected and imposing.  As a comic about a sort of thought police, this cover works great!  Rahzzah’s work is great!

Screenshot 2019-03-01 22.35.28The Art

Georges Jeanty and Jim Charalampidis handle the art and colours respectively.  Characters are well rendered and look good.  Other than Iceman, most of them look very polished and professional.  I’m not a huge fan of Bobby’s uniform, but do love the colour work on him when he’s in his ice form.  Really it’s only Iceman, Moneta, and Psylocke’s powers that really make an impact in this book, and Bobby’s look by far the most impressive.  Charalampidis’s colour work is fantastic.

The Story

Leah Williams has written a solid kick off to the X-Tremists series.  It begins simply enough:  Bobby and Jubilee are making cookies, and arguing over the difference between wax paper and a baking sheet.  Their antics annoy Northstar, and before it can escalate Blob gathers the team for a mission.  Upon arriving at the location of their targets the team moves into the building and engages.  The woman and man they pursue try to fight back and escape, and we learn that their crime is that they’ve fallen in love – a forbidden act.

The team, with the exception of Northstar who appears disinterested at best, works well together.  They appear to be rather disdainful of criminals, or ‘retrogrades’, with Northstar referring to the term as a slur.

The issue ends with the discovery that one of their captives is pregnant, which is something that has apparently not happened in a long, long time.  As their society has no way of dealing with this wrinkle, it will be interesting to see where this takes the team, and how this effects the team going forward.

This issue is well written, well drawn, and has a great cover – it feels like the series is going to have a slow build, but the start is promising.

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