Film Review: Captain Marvel

Captain MarvelI had to check in on the hype for this one.  First because it’s the first Marvel film to have a female lead, and secondly due to some of the online hate for it.  People were losing their minds because Brie Larson wanted to see more diverse interviewers during the press junkets.  Apparently that’s enough to make folks lose it these days.  Anyway, on to the movie!

I was optimistic about this one, as the trailers looked good, and being set in the 90’s it was bound to have a good soundtrack!  It definitely delivered on the latter!  While it wasn’t the best Marvel movie to date, it was nowhere near the worst.  It started a little slow, but picked up steam as it went along and had a strong finish.

The beginning of the movie on the Kree homeworld is a little slow, but sets up the story and is essential for the closing act.  Where the film picks up is when Carol arrives on Earth and is quickly introduced to Nick Fury.  Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson have an excellent chemistry with each other, and their camaraderie really lights up the screen.  Carol spends most of the movie in a state of amnesia, remembering her time with the Kree, but only flashes prior to that.  Larson plays her with more and more emotion as she discovers more about her past, culminating in a strong and confident, and perhaps a bit cocky, warrior.

This movie was really fun, and I enjoyed the take on the Skrulls, which is not what I was expecting.  The casting was solid throughout, and I love Jude Law as a villain.  It was also nice to see a lighter side to Nick Fury.  Getting to see him earlier in his career before superheroes and aliens had jaded him was nice.

If this film is anything to go by, The Avengers will have an absolute powerhouse to help them take the fight to Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

Again, this one likely won’t win any Oscars, but it was a hell of a popcorn flick and totally worth checking out.  It was fun, and that’s what a superhero film should be!

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