Nightwing #57

NTW_Cv57.jpgI reviewed this one over at Impulse Gamer a couple of weeks ago; choosing it solely because Zack Kaplan has come on board as writer.  I’ve really dug his work on Port of Earth and Eclipse, and will literally give any book he writes a go at this point.  As stated, Nightwing #57 marks his debut with DC, and hopefully he has a long run!

This issue is the first in a new arc, and as such is a great jumping on point for new readers.  It focuses on Dick (currently going by Ric), trying to settle into a more civilian life in the aftermath of the last story arc.  We see that several Nightwings patrol the streets, and he seems more focused on real life and relationships than fighting crime.  The big story piece here is the introduction of the villain known as the Joker’s Daughter.  She appears to have a plan to lay Bludhaven’s elite low, and will be interesting to see how long it takes for Dick to suit back up again.

The book is well drawn, and I suspect once it gets going this is going to make for a fun arc!  Go check it out!

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