Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder in Hell #2

The second issue of Shredder’s journey through the afterlife came out this week.  By Mateus Santolouco it picks up right where issue #1 left off, and things don’t look good for the villain.

The Cover

The cover features Oroku Saki fighting for his life against a horde of zombies and damned souls.  Splinter in the form of a small rat is with him, trying vainly to help him fend off his attackers.  Everything about this screams a damned man trying to fend off his inevitable fate, and I love it.

The Art

Whereas issue #1 had some moments that seemed peaceful and potentially redemptive, this issue does not.  Shredder is in the orange tinged hellscape for the entire issue, and there is no reprieve.  Everything has an orangish cast, like the only light was from a constant source of flames, or a sun obscured by thick smoke.  It helps set the tone immediately, and the quality of the art(maintained from last issue) does the rest.

The Story

This issue picks up right where the last one left off.  Shredder is confronted by demonic versions of the Turtles, and is forced to fight them off.  As he begins to gain the upper hand, they summon all of Shredders many enemies, and it quickly turns into a battle for survival.  Eventually a trickster demon helps guide him to relative safety by helping him tap into the power of the Dragon God.  Unfortunately, it seems that this rest passes all too quickly, and he ends up trapped as the issue draws to a close.


This book moved at breakneck pace the whole way through.  By the time you get to the ending you’re left wondering how you got there so quickly.  I found this to be a pleasant change from other books I’ve read, and coupled with the art made for a really enjoyable journey.  I’m always a fan of books that you devour without realizing how quickly you’ve gotten through them, and this one left me wanting more at that.  If you haven’t, you should check this one out!

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