Uncanny X-Men #14

The latest issue of Uncanny X-Men is out now, and features another addition to the team, and a surprise visit that when you think about it, was kind of inevitable.

The Cover

The cover features the new team(with a few members that we haven’t seen in the series yet) standing together and looking imposing.  Lightning flashes in the background.  It’s a pretty simple cover and reflects the tone of the series pretty well.  Solid cover.

Screenshot 2019-03-22 23.22.40

The Art

Salvador Larroca handles the art and Guru-eFX the colours.  This issue is darkly coloured throughout, as the X-Men haven’t quite made their existence fully public as of yet.  I like how this issue feels like a covert op, and the art does a great job giving that feel to it.  The look and colouring of various characters powers is also well done, with the inferno bursting from Chamber’s chest and Magik’s use of well, magic being particular stand-outs.  This flagship X-book continues to feature top tier art.

The Story

Screenshot 2019-03-22 23.23.14Matthew Rosenberg begins the issue with two intermingling plot points.  The first is a meeting between Scott, Logan, and Val Cooper.  The features a mutant named Reaper fleeing from the cops, only to run into Multiple Man.  We quickly learn that Cyclops is looking for allies, and is hoping that he can create a mutually beneficial relationship with her.  She agrees to think on it.

The other plot point is more central to the ongoing plot of the series itself, as Reaper has had some contact with the Mutant Liberation Front, now led by Hope.  The initial appearance of Multiple Man is actually a little unsettling, as several dupes emerge from the shadows and surround Reaper.  It definitely speaks to the darker tone of this series.  Reaper gets away from Jamie and is cornered by Magik and the T.O. infected members of the team.  This also leads to an entertaining scene between Jamie and Cyclops as Jamie gives his report and exaggerates his part in the capture of Reaper.

The issue takes a bit of a turn however, when the team encounters a Marauder, too late to save a large number of Morlocks.  It’s at this point that Cyclops offers to do a favour for Val Cooper in exchange for a safe place for the remaining Morlocks to live.  Chamber also joins the team, seeking revenge on the Marauders.

This issue was a fun read, if dark, and is definitely setting the stage for something much bigger down the road.  I’m not going to guess at what that is, as I want to be surprised when it is finally revealed!

Uncanny has been a solid title in the aftermath of Disassembled, and is probably the must read Marvel title right now.

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