Ascender #1

ascender-1_5f2c0756edI’m catching up on some of the books I’ve reviewed over at Impulse Gamer.  The first for the past few weeks is Ascender #1, which kicks off the sequel series to the acclaimed Descender.

As a new series it’s a great place to start with a new title, and little knowledge of Descender is required for this issue.  Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen have crafted a solid start.  The book is well paced, and the writing seems to breathe in and around the art.  It takes place 10 years after the conclusion to Descender, and includes magic and the undead.

This issue keys in on two characters:  Mila, the daughter of Descender’s protagonists, and Mother, an evil Vampire witch.  It looks on the surface that this will be a battle of good and evil, life and death.  Regardless, I enjoyed the first issue and think it’s worth taking a peek at!

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