Action Comics #1000

I picked this one up back when it came out, but have just been ruminating on it for months.  It’s a big book, coming in at 80 pages, and contains several stories by several writers and artists.  It doesn’t try to act like an anniversary issue that sets up or ends a story-line, but rather pays homage to the past, present and future of Superman.

img_20190402_2237237989613695410604402.jpgThe Cover

The cover features Superman, standing front and center.  His cape flaps in the wind behind him, and the Daily Planet is in the background.  It’s quintessential Superman.  While there were several variants for this one, I went with the standard cover.  It just seemed to me to be the right one.

The Art

The art in this book is varied and exceptional.  Using it as a platform to pay homage to Superman, and tell several stories allowing multiple artists to showcase Superman throughout history was a great idea.  I love this format, and think it’s great that they used it for Detective Comics #1000.  This book looks great.

The Story

This is an anthology book, which for a landmark issue like #1000 was definitely the way to go.  It contains one story at the end of the issue that starts the next Action Comics story-line, and the rest of it is a pure homage to the character.  The various stories show how important Superman is to the DC Universe, as well as to the ordinary people who inhabit it.

It’s probably one of the most enjoyable issues I’ve ever read.  It’s good from start to finish.  A kudos to everyone involved with this issue, and if you haven’t found a copy, do yourself a favour, it’s worth it!

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