Die #5

Die returns with an action packed issue that rounds out the first arc!  At the end of Issue #4, the party had decided to take the fight to their old friend by destroying Glass Town.  In this issue we see their plan come to fruition, and the horrifying consequences that arise from it.

The Cover

The cover features Isabelle, the Godbinder, essentially the party’s priest.  She’s featured in full armor and surrounded by flame.  In the background we can see some peasants in awe of her.  It’s a really sharp looking cover and like the interior is just plain beautiful.

The Art

Stephanie Hans handles all the artistic duties in this series, and her work is breathtaking.  It doesn’t look like they were drawn per se, but painted.  It’s nothing like any other book I’ve seen out there today, and it stands out in such a good way.  Even without the story this book would be a work of art just based on Hans imagery.  The battle with Sol is gorgeous.  The bright colours, the imagery, the stakes.  The art conveys it all.

The Story

Most of this book is told from the perspective of Ash, as she is the one that has set the stage for the destruction of Glass Town.  They’re aiming to do this to lure Sol out to try and force him to let them go home.  The skills of each character are on display as they set the stage to destroy Sol’s creation without causing any collateral damage.

The plan goes off without a hitch until Sol arrives.  He turns things upside down and utterly refuses to let them go.  It’s clear that while everyone else has grown up since their initial visit to the world of Die, Sol has not.  He has spent the entirety of that time here, and is still just a lonely and angry child.

The book concludes with a revelation on the identities of the Fallen, and the party is torn between trying to save them and going home.  It’s going to be neat to see where the next arc takes this story!

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