Port of Earth #9

Port of Earth returns next week!  The acclaimed series returns to comic shops and kicks off its next arc in a big way.  Not many Sci-Fi comics take so much from our own history and bring it to life in a very real way.  Zack Kaplan and Andrea Mutti have created a very believable first contact story, and show the consequences for humanity in what I feel is a very historically accurate way.

port of earth 9The Cover

The first cover of the new arc is a bit of a departure from previous ones.  While the port still features heavily, this is the first issue to also feature a character from the story front and center.  From the hat on his head we can deduce he is a member of the ESA, but it doesn’t spoil much more than that.

The Art

Andrea Mutti continues his excellent artwork, and Jordan Boyd comes on board as the new colourist.  In contrast to previous arcs, this issue give more up close exposure to the aliens.  Not only do we see them clearly, we see them act and interact with humans.  The way that Mutti interprets their movements and mannerisms is really well done, and they feel, well, alien.  The quality of art in this book has always been fantastic, and this new arc carries on in that same vein.

The Story

Given that is comes out a week from now I won’t go into a lot of detail about what happens outside of what is in the solicitation.

Alien troops have been stationed on the Port to help keep the peace.  Now, the ESA must contain a resistance, fight the outbreak of a deadly alien virus, and keep the consortium from occupying the planet.

I have loved this book from Issue #1 for how Kaplan has used our own history to set the template for first contact with aliens.  Beginning with trade and moving into themes of the spread of disease and the threat of occupation, Kaplan has efficiently weaved our own history into this tale.  This arc has a fascinating premise, and I am really looking forward to see how it plays out.

If you haven’t been following this series, the trades are available now, and if you pop down to your local shop next week you can get started in this one!

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