The Flash #70

Chapter one Year One

I’m not sure what the gist of this story line is, other than maybe a soft reboot of the series?  It’s been a long time since I picked up an issue of The Flash.  This issue is a great jumping on point as it basically is a retelling of The Flash’s origin.  It’s a pretty fun read too!

img_20190510_2240183434811492023782196.jpgThe Cover

This is a pretty neat cover.  It features Barry in civilian gear with elbow and knee pads on lacing up a pair of new sneakers.  He sits on a gargantuan pile of worn out shoes and lightning is dancing out of his eyes.  It’s a pretty simple cover but just looks great in its’ simplicity.

The Art

This is a well drawn book.  I enjoy how Barry’s motion, both pre and post speed force are captured, with the speed force infused scenes looking especially great thanks to some excellent colour work from Hi-Fi.  The way Barry is slightly blurred does a great job of implying how fast he’s moving.

Two scenes in the book stand out artistically for me: The first is during the accident that gives him his powers.  The full page spread is well drawn and beautifully coloured.  It’s a very well detailed page with lots of attention to the damage done to the lab in the instant the lightning strikes Barry.

The second is when he’s trying to figure out his powers, and in particular his top speed.  His facial expression changes from determination, to wonder, to pure joy.  It’s just a really well drawn set of panels.

The Story

This issue begins a four part revisit to the origin of Barry Allen and his initial forays into the Speed Force.  Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter have done an excellent job bringing the story to life.  It’s pretty straight forward if you have any knowledge of The Flash, or perhaps have only watched the CW show.

The issue is well paced, and while Barry is more of a morose workaholic at the beginning of the issue, the infusion of the Speed Force seems to re-energize him as he scientifically pursues the breadth and limits of his powers.  This is where the issue really finds its’ feet and the joy that is inherent within the character.  It’ll be interesting to see where the rest of this arc goes!

This arc is a re-hash of the origin of The Flash, making it a great jumping on point for new readers.  It’s also really well done.  I enjoyed it!

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