Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder in Hell #3

The midway point of Shredder in Hell has arrived!  Mateus Santolouco continues the epic TMNT series as Shredder fights to change his destiny.

The Cover

The cover features Takeshi Tatsuo the other half of The Shredder’s soul, holding the defeated form of Oroku Saki over a pit of what looks like fire.  It speaks to the inevitability of Shredder’s failure.  It’s a beautiful cover, and a great introduction to what you’ll find inside.

The Art

This book is darker in tone, but even with the orangish red cast to the whole issue, the art and colour work is top notch.  Hell is desolate, scorched and barren.  The demons that inhabit it that Oroku Saki must face off against are well rendered and fantastical in appearance.

Probably my favourite scene is when Takeshi is leaving an audience with the Dragon, and as he walks out of a cave high on the side of a volcano, rocks rise up from below to make a bridge for him.  This is a scene I’ve seen in movies in the past, but just looks great on the page.  Simple, but effective.

The Story

The issue begins with Takeshi and the Dragon discussing Oroku Saki’s resistance to merging the three of them into an ultimate weapon.  They ponder how he has managed to hold them off this long, and what they will do to convince him to submit.

Next we are taken to Oroku Saki and Yoshi as they are freed from their imprisonment at the end of Issue #2 by the Kid Demon. They decide to seek out the upper forest, allowing Yoshi to return to his humanoid form.  Unfortunately, they are confronted by demons, and the ensuing battle and the conclusion of it take up the bulk of the issue.

This book is a really good read.  Whereas it could be a hack and slash type book, Santolouco adds some real depth and heart to the book.  I’m actually rooting for this greatest of TMNT villains!

With two issues to go, the series is likely to up the stakes and really kick into high gear next month.  Stay tuned!

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