Film Review: The Incredibles 2

I consider myself to be in luck here, as I only watched the first film about a month ago. The film actually begins with a short thank you message from the cast and director.  They thank everyone for their patience in waiting 14 years for the sequel, and hope you like it.  I thought it … Continue reading Film Review: The Incredibles 2


Thrawn #5

Only one issue left after this. The series begins to build to its close, and for the first time in the run, takes place immediately in the aftermath of the previous issue.  We also get to see Governor Pryce make her return to the series. The Cover The cover, done by Paul Renaud, features Thrawn … Continue reading Thrawn #5

Stormtroopers Looking Cool: Star Wars #21

I bought this issue solely for the cover: It looks just like a vintage propaganda poster.  The imagery of the Stormtroopers as strong defenders of the Empire, looking implacable is just breathtaking.  This cover is just plain beautiful.  There is also some really neat imagery: The story itself comes from the perspective of a Stormtrooper. … Continue reading Stormtroopers Looking Cool: Star Wars #21