Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider #1

This issue is a tie in to the Doctor Strange 'Damnation' storyline.  It's too bad, because this issue really caught my attention, and I'd be interested in an ongoing or even a limited series. The Cover Clayton Crain did the cover in this issue, and it is impressive.  Ghost Rider is front and center, all … Continue reading Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider #1

Doctor Strange #381: Loki: Sorcerer Supreme Part 1

Wait a minute, when did this happen?  My last issue of Doctor Strange had him in the aftermath of most magic being obliterated, and now Loki is Sorcerer Supreme? The cover pictures Loki, front and center, and though the book is still named Doctor Strange, I am curious how long he'll be relegated to the … Continue reading Doctor Strange #381: Loki: Sorcerer Supreme Part 1