Port of Earth #10

Port of Earth continues with the alien Consortium leaning on the ESA to find the aliens responsible for the outbreak of a deadly disease, however not everything is as it seems.  Zack Kaplan's tale of alien colonization continues! Set to release May 15, we've got a Galactic Passport for an early look! The Cover The … Continue reading Port of Earth #10

Port of Earth #9

Port of Earth returns next week!  The acclaimed series returns to comic shops and kicks off its next arc in a big way.  Not many Sci-Fi comics take so much from our own history and bring it to life in a very real way.  Zack Kaplan and Andrea Mutti have created a very believable first … Continue reading Port of Earth #9

Die #4

The latest issue of Die is out now!  This series follows a group of friends, in their childhood the six of them were pulled into a magical world.  Only five came back.  Now as adults, the sixth has pulled the rest back.  I grabbed Issue #3 last month, and this one picks up in its … Continue reading Die #4