Port of Earth #9

Port of Earth returns next week!  The acclaimed series returns to comic shops and kicks off its next arc in a big way.  Not many Sci-Fi comics take so much from our own history and bring it to life in a very real way.  Zack Kaplan and Andrea Mutti have created a very believable first … Continue reading Port of Earth #9


Die #5

Die returns with an action packed issue that rounds out the first arc!  At the end of Issue #4, the party had decided to take the fight to their old friend by destroying Glass Town.  In this issue we see their plan come to fruition, and the horrifying consequences that arise from it. The Cover … Continue reading Die #5

Die #4

The latest issue of Die is out now!  This series follows a group of friends, in their childhood the six of them were pulled into a magical world.  Only five came back.  Now as adults, the sixth has pulled the rest back.  I grabbed Issue #3 last month, and this one picks up in its … Continue reading Die #4

Eclipse #13

Ten years ago a solar flare changed life forever.  The suns rays now burn everything they touch to a crisp.  Humanity has fled underground, only coming to the surface at night, but a cure has been found - and everything is about to change. The final arc of Eclipse begins with this issue! The Cover … Continue reading Eclipse #13