Justice League Dark #6

The Shadow Pact: Part 2 This issue concludes the current story arc began in Issue #5.  Last issue The team(less Constantine and Swamp Thing who were facing off against Doctor Fate) entered the magical land of Myrra, only to discover that Detective Chimp had turned it into a literal hell.  This issue sees the resolution. … Continue reading Justice League Dark #6


Justice League Dark #5

The Shadow Pact Part One This book is the first issue in the second arc of Justice League Dark.  The magic focused Justice League team has an unorthodox membership, which also makes for some great character interaction.  I honestly wish I'd grabbed an issue of this series earlier! The Cover Nicola Scott and Romulo Fajardo … Continue reading Justice League Dark #5

So, I bought my first comic in nearly 20 years…

I haven’t been into comics for a while, having picked up a couple graphic novels over the past couple years, but by and large ignoring everything else.  Earlier this month my kids(neither of whom are reading age) received a couple vouchers for free comics from a local store(Kapow Ltd. in Lethbridge, AB) and I thought … Continue reading So, I bought my first comic in nearly 20 years…