Eclipse #7

First comic blog of the new year and I'm going to start with the next issue of Eclipse!  Issue #7 picks up in the immediate aftermath of Issue #6.  Solarity's forces have stormed the raiders compound, and Bax is left with the task of trying to save the albino they had imprisoned. The Cover The cover … Continue reading Eclipse #7

Lost City Explorers #1

The most recent series by writer Zack Kaplan was released a little bit earlier this year.  The trade for the first five issues is coming out in January, but Aftershock Comics has made the first issue available online to whet your appetite! The Cover The cover features the protagonists standing on subway tracks with a … Continue reading Lost City Explorers #1

Eclipse #6

This issue marks the halfway point in the second arc of Zack Kaplan and Giovanni Timpano's series Eclipse.  It picks up in the aftermath of the last issue, with Rose seeking out the underground and Bax being sent to investigate another albino. The Cover The cover features a burnt out cityscape, with everything falling into … Continue reading Eclipse #6

Star Wars Episode 7: Watching The Force Awakens With My Kids

This weekend I continued introducing my kids to the Star Wars saga.  We've watched the entire original trilogy, along with episodes 1 and 2.  I've noticed that I enjoy what I had previously viewed as the weaker entries in the series more when I've watched it with them.  Their enthusiasm is infectious! The movie started … Continue reading Star Wars Episode 7: Watching The Force Awakens With My Kids

Eclipse #2

The second issue in Zack Kaplan and Giovanni Timpano's post apocalyptic series moves the story forward by introducing a new antagonist and showing how vulnerable humanity is now. The Cover The cover features a team of security officers and NYPD moving through an abandoned above ground train station in solar suits, guns out and at … Continue reading Eclipse #2