No Justice #2

My latest review at Impulse Gamer.  I picked No Justice #2 to look at just to get an idea of where the Justice League would be going in the aftermath of Metal.  It is a really well paced issue.  To be honest, I breezed right through it on the first read.  This was a really … Continue reading No Justice #2

DC Nation #0

DC has released a one shot issue to introduce their upcoming story lines and the re-vamping of the justice league this summer.  It contains three short stories for the great low price of $0.25.  Seriously, a quarter.  You can't get much better value for a book than that, and with the overall quality, they could … Continue reading DC Nation #0

Suicide Squad #24: Kill your Darlings Part 4

It's been a while since I reviewed a comic, so, let's get back at it! The Cover This issue has a pretty sweet looking cover.  Featuring Harley Quinn, Katana, and Captain Boomerang fighting a very Holocaust(anyone remember Apocalypse's son from the 90's Age of Apocalypse storyline) looking villain.  It portrays a lot of action, and … Continue reading Suicide Squad #24: Kill your Darlings Part 4