Year of the Villain #1

DC Comics kicks off their, summer event with this One-Shot issue.  Focusing on the villains and leading into the 'Year of the Villain', this book follows in the footsteps of last summer's DC Nation #0.  Personally I like that DC has been putting these books out.  You can't beat the price point($0.25), and they've got … Continue reading Year of the Villain #1

Action Comics #1000

I picked this one up back when it came out, but have just been ruminating on it for months.  It's a big book, coming in at 80 pages, and contains several stories by several writers and artists.  It doesn't try to act like an anniversary issue that sets up or ends a story-line, but rather … Continue reading Action Comics #1000

DC Nation #0

DC has released a one shot issue to introduce their upcoming story lines and the re-vamping of the justice league this summer.  It contains three short stories for the great low price of $0.25.  Seriously, a quarter.  You can't get much better value for a book than that, and with the overall quality, they could … Continue reading DC Nation #0