Major X #1

Rob Liefeld has returned to Marvel for a new X-Universe series.  It's going to be a 6 parter, and from the cover it looks to be pure 90's nostalgia.  I'll always be thankful to Liefeld as one of the co-creators of Cable - I love that character.  This was recommended to me by the good … Continue reading Major X #1

Uncanny X-Men #14

The latest issue of Uncanny X-Men is out now, and features another addition to the team, and a surprise visit that when you think about it, was kind of inevitable. The Cover The cover features the new team(with a few members that we haven't seen in the series yet) standing together and looking imposing.  Lightning … Continue reading Uncanny X-Men #14

X-Tremists #1

The Age of X-Man begins!  This series focuses on the police force that keeps all of mutant-kind safe.  This team searches out and finds those guilty of any crimes, protecting mutants from threats big and small, including love. The Cover The cover features the team standing before their department logo: an eye with an X … Continue reading X-Tremists #1

Next Gen #1

Enter now the Age of X-Man!  This series is the first in the Age of X-Man event focusing on the students of the Summers Institute, and in particular the character of Glob Herman. The Cover The cover is done by Chris Bachalo, and features several mutant students(including Maggott! Remember him?), as they make their way … Continue reading Next Gen #1

Shatterstar #4

The fourth issue of this limited series is out now!  Tim Seeley, Carlos Villa, Gerardo Sandoval, and Carlos Lopez continue this excellent series following everyone's favourite gladiator turned landlord. The Cover Yasmine Putri's cover features Shatterstar and Gringrave facing off.  It's a mean looking engagement, and the looks on the characters faces tells that only … Continue reading Shatterstar #4

Extermination #5

The conclusion to the Extermination event has finally arrived!  Ed Brisson, Pepe Larraz, and Marte Gracia have delivered a satisfying ending to a really good series. The Cover The cover by Mark Brooks features the original team less Cyclops walking into a white light.  Cyclop's visor lies on the ground, with a hand reaching towards … Continue reading Extermination #5