Batwoman #16: The Fall of the House of Kane

I was able to look at Batwoman #16 over at Impulse Gamer, and the one thing that struck me the most was how similar the Bat-Family books I've read are.  I'm not including any of the Metal one-shots, but in terms of how they're coloured I found this book to be similar to Batman #23.  Both … Continue reading Batwoman #16: The Fall of the House of Kane


Thrawn #5

Only one issue left after this. The series begins to build to its close, and for the first time in the run, takes place immediately in the aftermath of the previous issue.  We also get to see Governor Pryce make her return to the series. The Cover The cover, done by Paul Renaud, features Thrawn … Continue reading Thrawn #5

Father’s Day Camping: Writing on Stone Provincial Park

This Father's Day weekend we went camping at Writing on Stone Provincial Park in southern Alberta.  The park is located in the Badlands, just north of the Sweetgrass hills in Montana, and is known for its rock art. We've gone to this park several times, and visited last summer for a day trip.  The park … Continue reading Father’s Day Camping: Writing on Stone Provincial Park

Hunt For Wolverine

This issue kicks off the "Hunt for Wolverine" event this summer.  Wolverine has recently resurfaced in the Marvel Universe carrying one of the Infinity Stones, and this book kicks off the X-men's search for their fallen comrade. The Cover The cover features the head of the adamantium statue that Wolverine became during the 'Death of … Continue reading Hunt For Wolverine