Eclipse #14

Eclipse continues to its fiery conclusion!  After this there are only two issues left.  Last issue left us wondering if our heroes were going to make it, and after a long month, we finally get the answer. The Cover The cover features Cielo and her father hiding in the shade provided by a food truck.  … Continue reading Eclipse #14

Eclipse #13

Ten years ago a solar flare changed life forever.  The suns rays now burn everything they touch to a crisp.  Humanity has fled underground, only coming to the surface at night, but a cure has been found - and everything is about to change. The final arc of Eclipse begins with this issue! The Cover … Continue reading Eclipse #13

Eclipse #6

This issue marks the halfway point in the second arc of Zack Kaplan and Giovanni Timpano's series Eclipse.  It picks up in the aftermath of the last issue, with Rose seeking out the underground and Bax being sent to investigate another albino. The Cover The cover features a burnt out cityscape, with everything falling into … Continue reading Eclipse #6