Action Comics #1000

I picked this one up back when it came out, but have just been ruminating on it for months.  It's a big book, coming in at 80 pages, and contains several stories by several writers and artists.  It doesn't try to act like an anniversary issue that sets up or ends a story-line, but rather … Continue reading Action Comics #1000

Heroes in Crisis #5

Superheroes need help too.  The Superheroes of the DC Universe have to recover from injury, and face the same PTSD that anyone that deals with harrowing situations do.  To recover, they go to Sanctuary, a safe place to receive treatment and deal with trauma.  Until now.  Now heroes in Sanctuary are dying, and the two … Continue reading Heroes in Crisis #5

DC Nation #0

DC has released a one shot issue to introduce their upcoming story lines and the re-vamping of the justice league this summer.  It contains three short stories for the great low price of $0.25.  Seriously, a quarter.  You can't get much better value for a book than that, and with the overall quality, they could … Continue reading DC Nation #0