Thrawn #6

The conclusion to Jody Houser and Luke Ross's adaptation of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn novel. The Cover The cover features Thrawn front and center in his trademark white uniform.  His fleet is off to the side.  In the background looming over him are Vader and The Emperor.  The cover is smooth and crisp, like an officer's … Continue reading Thrawn #6

Thrawn #5

Only one issue left after this. The series begins to build to its close, and for the first time in the run, takes place immediately in the aftermath of the previous issue.  We also get to see Governor Pryce make her return to the series. The Cover The cover, done by Paul Renaud, features Thrawn … Continue reading Thrawn #5

Thrawn #4

The Thrawn series continues, and after an issue that focused more on Governor Pryce, we are back to having our favourite Grand Admiral front and center. The Cover The cover speaks directly to the power of the Empire.  Tarkin is front and center, with Thrawn behind him at his right hand.  The symbolism of that … Continue reading Thrawn #4

Thrawn #3

Thrawn #3 marks the third issue in this six part limited series.  This issue has a different feel and focus than the past two issues, and I am interested in seeing how it contributes to the overall story being told. The Cover The cover, by Paul Renaud, is again on point.  It features Thrawn and … Continue reading Thrawn #3