Secret Warriors #9: We Esteem too Lightly Part Two

I’m going to be upfront.  I picked this issue up because I can never find issues of the Moon Girl solo series.  In this case, I did not regret it!

The Cover

Screenshot 2017-12-14 23.15.50

The cover displays the whole team, seemingly charging into battle.  All of the characters look good, and none of them look out-of-place.  Javier Garron and Israel Silva do the duties for this issue.  You can tell from the get go that Mr. Sinister is going to be involved in this issue, as his silhouette stands over the team.

The Art

Javier Garron and Will Robson handle the art on this issue.  To me it looks very much like a traditional X-men comic.  Having a couple of X-men villains and one of the heroes being an X-man, this does make sense.  It feels less like an Inhuman title and more like an X-book.  It is a fun looking book, and I really liked the look of Mr Sinister.  He looks refined, yet threatening.

Screenshot 2017-12-14 23.30.35

The Story

Matthew Rosenberg penned this issue, and though this is the second issue in the arc, it is fairly easy to dive into.  It opens with the team returning kidnapped children to their families.  These kids were kidnapped by Sinister’s flunkies due to latent Inhuman genes.  Sinister, being a master geneticist, is doing what he’s always done.  I enjoyed this issue.  It has a god mix of action, comedy, and a great villain.  I’ve always loved Sinister, and what is exposed at the end of the issue as part of his plan is downright chilling.  The comic relief is provided separately by Moon Girl, Ms. Marvel, and Karnak respectively, with Karnak being the front-runner.  In all this was a great read, both light and serious, with a great cliffhanger ending.

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