Unnatural #7

Issue #7 of the English adaptation of Contro Natura by Mirka Andolfo is last weeks review I wrote over at Impulse Gamer.  It is set in a world of humans and anthropomorphic beings, where those anthropomorphic beings are prevented from breeding outside their species by very stringent laws.  The series focuses on Leslie, who is … Continue reading Unnatural #7


Book Review: Death Troopers(2009) by Joe Schreiber

I took the kids to the library today to pick out a few books, and decided to pick out something for myself.  I've always been interested in this book but for some reason have never picked it up.  Today I figured why not?  Zombies in Star Wars?  Let's do it! I was not disappointed.  Not … Continue reading Book Review: Death Troopers(2009) by Joe Schreiber