Justice League Dark #10

The latest issue of Justice League Dark came out last week, continuing The Lords of Order story line.  It’s a well done book all around, and since the relaunch of all the Justice League titles, it’s the only one that catches my eye.  Why?  It’s different.  Issue #5 and Issue #6 were a lot of fun, so I decided to grab this one.

img_20190430_2214394787408671902988590.jpgThe Cover

This issue grabbed my eye immediately.  Not so much for being vibrant or beautiful however.  I picked up the variant and while it does have some neat elements, it’s really just an awkward cover.  Everything inhuman looks good, however, Zatanna and Wonder Woman just don’t quite look right.

The Art

Alvaro Martinez Bueno and Brad Anderson handle the art and the colours respectively.  This book is a very bright and vibrant issue.  All the scenes with the Lords of Order are very bright, with a lot of vibrant eldritch energy throughout the mystical beings.  The scenes with the team itself are a little darker and fitting with the theme of the series.  All told this is a good looking book.

The Story

James Tynion IV begins the issue with Doctor Fate meeting with the rest of the Lords of Order.  Little does he know that his apprentice Khalid had followed him, and overheard all of his plans.  The issue then moves to the rest of the team in the aftermath of Khalid’s story, as they begin to plot their next moves.  This doesn’t last long as Myrra is soon under attack and begins to disintegrate into the void.  A subplot exists with Wonder Woman and Zatanna meeting with Circe to try and track down one of Constantine’s leads, and makes for a decent action sequence as they battle one of the Otherkind.

This issue is a well paced and easy to read, and beginning with a flashback makes it very easy for new or delinquent readers to get into.  I like the magical tone of the series and how the varied cast really differentiates it from a traditional Justice League book.  If you lean towards the magical, this is the series for you!

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