Miles Morales: Spider-Man #5

The latest issue of Miles Morales: Spider-Man is a pretty fun book.  Sort of a young super-hero slice of life issue.  It’s also a pretty decent point for a new reader to jump in, as though there is some pick up from previous issues, they do a good job of bringing you up to speed organically as the issue goes on.

The Cover

I like this cover! It speaks action, and the colouring on it is incredibly vibrant.  Marco D’Alfonso has done an excellent job here.  Pretty simple with the villain standing over Spider-Man, but with the colour work it’s just eye-catching and gorgeous!  One complaint though: Tombstone does not appear in this issue.

The Art

Javier Garron and David Curiel handle the art and colouring respectively.  This is a pretty good-looking book.  Characters look good and the background details are well rendered.  I especially like how they draw Spider-Man.  He looks sleek and strong, with potential energy and flexibility in every movement.  They also make the use of Miles’ various powers look great on the page.  With how he can switch his active camouflage off and on as he’s battling gangs.  It’s a really solidly drawn book.

The Story

Saladin Ahmed writes a really good issue of Spider-Man.  He balances Miles the hero and Miles the kid really well.  Essentially that’s Spider-Man in a nutshell.  Miles working to balance the two sides of his life.  It’s done really well in this issue and makes it a really warm read.

The issue begins with Miles and Ganke getting a sandwich and discussing the potential issues regarding the supply of web fluid.  They are interrupted by a gang fight, and Miles runs off to break it up.  He discovers that Tombstone is sending his men into Brooklyn in a take over attempt and after pacifying this group, spends most of the issue focusing on tracking Tombstone down.

The issue is really well paced, and a really fun read.  It doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary, but Ahmed just writes Spider-Man really well.  This is a fun book and totally worth checking out!

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