Avengers #672: Worlds Collide Part 1

This issue Marvel has returned to their legacy numbering.  For those wondering how this ties in with the previous numbering systems, they do include a chart showing which issues are which on the same page as the digital copy redemption code.

The Cover


This months cover is done by Alex Ross, and showcases a potential Earth threatening event.  It definitely showcases a crisis, but I’m not sure I’m a fan of the way the characters look.  I understand everyone is exerting themselves, but they don’t have to look constipated.

The Art

Jesus Saiz does the duties between the covers on this issue.  The art is clean, a good blend of colour, and not overly gritty.  The only character I don’t really care for the look of is Cyclops.  He appears completely emotionless and lacking any kind of emotion or character.  Everyone else looks decent, heck, I really like the look of Hercules, who looks pretty smug most of the issue.  I’m not sure if that’s a regular character trait, but I like it.


The Story

Mark Waid penned this issue, and it brings the Avengers and Champions back together for the first time since the second super-hero Civil War.  The story begins with the two teams following news of a satellite moving into position on the other side of the sun to get a glimpse of a supposed counter-Earth, the home of the villain known as the High Evolutionary.  Though it sees nothing, the teams soon gather to prevent an extinction level event:  a giant meteor is streaking towards the United States.  It’s clear from the interactions between the teams, in particular between Falcon and Ms. Marvel, that the reasons the two teams split still exist, and tensions remain.  It wasn’t a truly compelling issue, but it was a good starting point for a potentially fun story arc.  I may have to pick up the next issue of Champions to see how it looks from that side.


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