My First Advanced Readers Copy: Sanctuary by Caryn Lix

SanctuaryMy wife managed to get her hands on an Advanced Readers Copy of this book at work this week while I was home sick.  This is one that I have been looking forward to reading since I first heard about it and was beyond excited to have a chance to tear into it six months before the official release!  I managed to finish it over the course of a single afternoon.  I literally could not put it down!

This book is a sci-fi/horror read set in Earth’s future, and has a very X-men meets Alien kind of vibe.  It’s listed as a Young Adult novel, but I didn’t notice it being typical of the genre in any kind of negative way, it just has teenage protagonists, all of whom are well written and characterized.  I also noticed how strong the character dialogue is.  It is reflective of teen language, but not in any kind of obnoxious way, like listening to kids talk in a high school.  It’s real, distinctive to characters, and does not feel out of place at any time.  The characters talked like my friends and I talked when we were in high school and not being idiots.  Lix writes great dialogue.

As for the story itself: Sanctuary takes place on a Space Station of the same name, which serves as a prison for teenagers and children with dangerous abilities who are deemed a threat to society.  Our main character, Kenzie is the daughter of two officials on the prison, and also works there part time while trying to complete her studies via correspondence.  As with all books with a similar setting, something ends up going wrong, and this is when Sanctuary really grabs you and doesn’t let you go until you’ve read the last page.  I don’t want to say anything more than that, as I want you to go out and enjoy the book yourself.

Sanctuary is available for pre-order right now, and if you dig Sci-Fi, it is well worth picking up.  Go do it now!  You can get it via Amazon (Canada) (United States), Indigo, and many other fine booksellers.  Available in both E-book and hard copy!


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