Free Digital Download: Monsters Unleashed #1

This is the first issue in a 5 issue limited series that spun out of the Monsters Unleashed event back in 2017.  It focuses on a young Inhuman named Kei Kawade, also known as Kid Kaiju.  I received this book as a free digital download a year ago when Marvel was including a second book for free when you redeemed the digital access code in the book you purchased.  I thought it was a great promotion, and it gives readers the opportunity to read some books they wouldn’t normally buy.

Screenshot 2018-12-02 23.11.15The Cover

Arthur Adams and Peter Steigerwald drew the cover on this issue.  It features Kid Kaiju front and center, flanked by his fearsome monstrous creations.  While Kid Kaiju doesn’t look dangerous or imposing, he is just a kid after all, the kaiju do.  The detail and colouring on them are fantastic.  This is a cover clearly aimed at kids, and it is definitely going to catch young eyes!

The Art

Drawn by David Baldeon and coloured by Marcio Menyz, this is a good-looking book.  The characters look good, and the monsters look especially good.  The detail in the monsters is excellent, and the colouring just pops and draws the eyes of the reader directly to them whenever they’re on the page.

Screenshot 2018-12-02 23.11.41The Story

This issue picks up in the aftermath of the Monsters Unleashed event, and during a period in which Marvel was pushing everything Inhuman in a big way.  Kid Kaiju and his family have been relocated to a terraformed Island and he has been provided with tutors and a trainer.  This is due to protect people from his enormous kaiju that hang around him.  The book does a great job of portraying Kid Kaiju as just what he is:  a kid.  The book showcases his inexperience, but also has a lot of fun with his interactions with the kaiju.  It is a light-hearted book, and would be a good fit for kids.  Cullen Bunn penned a fun issue.



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