Uncanny X-Men #4: X-Men Disassembled Part 4

The re-launch of Uncanny X-Men continues!  In this issue we learn who leads the Horsemen of Salvation, and Brisson, Rosenberg and Thompson begin to reveal some of this new threats plans.

Screenshot 2018-12-07 23.18.46The Cover

The cover of this issue reveals immediately who the leader of the Horsemen of Salvation is: Nate Grey – X-Man.  Elizabeth Torque did the cover duties on this issue.  Nate Grey is featured in the center, looking every bit the savior figure.  He is surrounded by Storm, Iceman, Beast, and Cannonball, all of them looking on in astonishment.

The Art

The interior art is done by Pere Perez, and the book is beautifully rendered.  The X-Men look great, and are wonderfully coloured by Racelle Rosenberg.  In particular I loved how Legion looked in this book.  Perez seems to be able to capture the insanity that Legion is known for.  His every facial expression is overemphasized, his eyes are buggy, and his pupils seem almost too small.  He’s every bit the madman that kicked off the Age of Apocalypse years ago.

The Story

The book begins with the bodies of the X-Men in the ruins of the school, with Magneto overlooking the carnage.  We quickly discover that between Jean, Psylocke, and Armor, the X-Men have managed to survive and fool the Horsemen of Salvation that they were dead.  After learning that Nate Grey has returned and is commanding these new Horsemen, we return to the X-Men and Legion provides us with the back story.  Legion is really well written in this book.  He is absolutely bonkers, however he is also the only ‘good guy’ that knows what is going on.

A few other highlights include a short section where Beast appears to be up to something, and X-23 begging to stab a Megalodon.  I’m really enjoying this series, and strongly recommend it!

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