Thanos Returns! Thanos #1

So I don’t actually have a physical copy of this issue.  Marvel has been providing additional free comics when you purchase a hard copy.  This is the most recent one that I’ve received.  It’s a great opportunity to look at something you might not normally pick up.

The Cover

The cover is imposing.  Thanos is standing on a hill of skulls.  He looks imperious, threatening, and dangerous.  It looks like Thanos is going to be laying waste to a lot.  Mike Deodato and Frank Martin put together a pretty neat looking cover.

Screenshot 2017-07-31 22.59.19

The Art

Mike Deodato does the art in this issue as well.  It’s very dark, gritty, and at times hard to pick out details, especially with the digital copy.  Thanos looks good, but most of the other characters are hard to pick out features on.  One theme that carries through is desolation.  Every scene is desolate and gloomy, but given this is a book with Thanos the Mad Titan as the main character, it fits.  I don’t love the art in this book, but it is a good fit.

Screenshot 2017-07-31 22.59.46

The Story

Jeff Lemire is the writer of this book.  It begins with Thanos returning to his old base of power, and squashing an old lackey that had taken over in his absence.  He then disappears until the end of the book while characters are introduced, including his son Thane, who are seeking to end his reign.  Honestly, I found most of this story to be relatively forgettable.  The cast of characters didn’t reach out to me, and none of them seemed really likeable.  If I were to continue this series I may just enjoy watching Thanos wipe them all out.  The only real swerve?  Spoiler alert here(below the picture):

Screenshot 2017-07-31 23.00.43




Thanos is dying.

Other than that, not much going on here.  If you get it for free, give it a read, but I wouldn’t recommend this as a buy.

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