Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #20: Dinosaurs and Talking Planets.

I’m way behind on comics, so I’m going to work to catch up over the next little bit.  I bought this one this summer and just haven’t gotten to writing about it yet, but here we go!

The Cover

Screenshot 2017-09-30 22.44.06

I enjoy this cover.  It displays whimsy, adventure, and has two things most kids(and let’s be real, adults too) love: dinosaurs and space!  The juxtaposition of a dinosaur in a space suit standing on the face of a planet gets the imagination going.  Stuff like this is why my kids love this series, and why I love it too.

The Art

The art for this series is a lot more cartoony than a lot of other comics I read.  This is a good thing, as it fits the character and the subject matter better.  This isn’t a dark gritty crime book, nor is it one where the whole universe hangs in the balance.  It’s a fun book full of vibrant colour and fun visuals!Screenshot 2017-09-30 22.44.57

It has a T-Rex in a spacesuit fighting space fleas!  When you can have that in bright, fun colours, you don’t need anything else!

The Story

This is part two of a story arc in which Lunella(Moon Girl), hears a distress call from deep space.  Upon going to investigate she discovers that the distress call has come from the moon itself, who is a sentient satellite!  We discover that Illa(the moon), has been separated from her father, and wants Lunella to reunite them.  Meanwhile, back on Earth, Lunella has left the head of a Doom-bot to direct robot copies of herself to ensure that no one realizes she’s gone.Screenshot 2017-09-30 22.45.19

I’m actually quite curious to see how this arc turns out, and with how this issue ends, the next one could be a doozy!

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