Toronto 2018: My First NBA Game

Through work, I was able to actually visit Toronto for the first time in my life.  The city is huge, and traffic is nuts, but it’s also pretty neat, based on the bits of it I was able to see.  While I was there for work, some of the guys in the training program I was in decided to hit the Raptors/Timberwolves game on January 30, 2018.  Not knowing when I would get another opportunity to go, I jumped at the opportunity to go to a game.IMG_20180130_194945

We parked about a kilometer away from the Air Canada Center, and walked as fast as we could to get into the arena.  We reached our seats about 3 minutes after the game had started, and promptly got into the business of taking in an NBA game.  The Raptors looked a little lethargic at first, sticking to shooting three pointers for most of the 1st quarter, while staying close on the scoreboard.  Even though we were in the nosebleeds, we still had a great view of the court, and were able to enjoy the action without having to stare at the big screens all night.

The atmosphere was interesting.  The crowd was a little subdued to begin the game, but steadily got louder and more excited as the game went on.  By the 4th quarter the building was absolutely charged!  Coincidentally, that’s also when the Raptors took their first lead, and never looked back.  This was an excellent experience, and I really enjoyed my first live game.  If I’m ever in an NBA city again I will definitely be getting tickets.

On the way out we reaped the benefits of parking a good distance away.  We were one turn away from getting back on the highway, and were able to take in a good view of the CN Tower as well, which us tourists of course took pictures with.

The NBA puts on a good show, and Toronto does a great job of supporting their team.  This night the Raptors would beat the Timberwolves by a score of 109-104.

If you’re ever stepping through the city and have an opportunity to take in a game, I strongly recommend you do so!


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