Champions #18: Champion for a Day

This is the issue that changes everything.  This is the last issue for certain team members, and the current creative team.  After this the series is headed in a new direction.  It’s taken me a while to get to this as I’ve been fairly busy lately, but here we go!

The Cover

I really like this cover.  It’s a complete throwback to the first issue, with the first cover featured on a tablet screen on the ground, with the team seemingly walking away from it.  It’s like the series has come full circle, and had this been the final issue in the series, it would have been perfect.

Screenshot 2018-05-18 23.59.59

The Art

This book is very crisp.  Humberto Ramos has done a great job on this book over his run.  I especially like how he doesn’t try to make the teen superheroes look like adults, or over-sexualize them.  This series has always been a good-looking series, with a light tone supported by the art.  He’s had a great run on the series and will and should be missed.  Also, the first panel of the book, with Viv?  Amazing.  Captures the feel of the scene without a word needing to be said.

Screenshot 2018-05-19 00.00.35

The Story

This is very much a wrap up issue for the current story team.  Given an all new team is taking over for issue #19, Waid, Ramos and Delgado are tying their arc up in a nice little bow.  Viv Vision, who in the recent crossover with the Avengers was made human, is forced to kill her virus-infected new synthezoid sister, and by the end of the issue is returned to her previous self.  Wasp and Ironheart are welcomed to the team.  Finally, and the part that bothers me the most, Cyclops leaves.  I never thought I’d ever be bothered by Scott leaving a team.  In the 90’s he was easily the most boring of the X-men.  In recent years he was a villain.  But on the Champions?  Time displaced young Scott Summers was allowed to be something more.  Waid wrote a likeable personality onto him.  My least favourite X-man became my favourite Champion.  The final scene between him and Ms. Marvel was fantastic.  Two good friends saying good-bye.  Well done Mr Waid.  Well done.

This is a great book overall, and I’m honestly going to miss this creative team on it.  I’ve picked up more of this series than any other monthly Marvel produces, and the work these guys put out is why.


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